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Why We're Different

Hoek Van Holland (pronounced: hook vän hôl´änt) landscaping values native ecosystems over traditional ornamental landscapes that require “mow and blow” maintenance. Promoting native landscapes yields more vigorous and sustainable ecosystems that have numerous net environmental benefits that:

  • Provide habitat for native pollinators
  • Improve natural drainage
  • Encourage soil regeneration
  • Promote biological pest control

    The Benefits of Native Planting

    HVH Services

    Hoek Van Holland is an industry leader in quality and design. Our team of seasoned professionals will ensure all your needs are met. We have established ourselves as a company that provides quality work while also maintaining an artistic impression with every job.
    Learning and Preserving Vancouver Island's natural beauty to life for over 25 years.
    Landscaping Services
    • Identifying native plant species
    • Plant selection
    • Food gardens
    • Theraputic planting
    • and more!

    Specialized Services
    • Water Services
    • Soil Services
    • Plant Services
    • Fungi Services
    • and more!

    Fungi and Your Landscape

    • Health Indicator - Mushrooms are natural indicator of healthy soil for trees and other vegetation
    • Enrich microbiology of soil - Mycorrhizal filaments of fungi also produce compounds that glue soils together and improve their structure and porosity to enhance root growth. In addition, mycorrhizae in the soil have been found to suppress soil-borne pathogens and protect plants from root diseases
    • Clean-up crew - Fungi and bacteria digest nutrients for for nearby plant matter
    • Soil repairation - Landscapes that have been stripped of top soil or otherwise degraded can be improved with the addition of mycorrizae to the soil. Over-watering and over-fertilizaiton and use of fungicides can eliminate mycorrhizae usefulness or even kill the fungi

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