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Steve & The Company

What training do you have and how do they relate to the services you provide?
I have trained in the garden center landscape business since I was very young - growing up I was trained to deal with customers, money, and saw all other aspects of the business being handled by my family. At Humber College landscape-I continued my formal training through their horticulture course. Since then, I''ve simply worked the industry as a contractor, doing a wide scope of work.

What is your favourite part of the business?
I have many favourite parts of the business, and there isn't anything that I do not like, but my favourite is having a really great looking job done at the end and having a satisfied customer.
As well,I thoroughly enjoy working with my crew and clients.

If you could describe yourself in 5 words, what would they be?
Honest, reliable, caring, diligent, hardworking.

Who is HVH's average customer?
Someone looking for quality over price.

Does HVH do residential landscaping? Commercial Landscaping?
We do mainly residential with a little commercial, although I do not really pursue the commercial market, as there is a different attitude towards the value in an excellent landscape project.

What services does HVH provide?
We provide a landscape construction service, new gardens, renovated gardens, planting, large tree planting, stone work, slate patios, rock walls, interlocking paving stones, new lawns. Most anything to do with the traditional hhome landscape!

What services does HVH not provide?
We do not provide maintenance or grass cutting services, although we can usually provide callers with a reference for any aspect of the business that we are not directly involved in.

Does HVH have any industry affiliations?
We are a member of the British Columbia Landscape and Nursery Association (BCLNA)

What are the strengths of your company?
With our fleet of large machinery, we are very efficient at excavation and removal of material, hauling in material with no waiting for trucks etc... And in having the capability to do a job from start to finish, simply the creation of beautiful landscapes!

Where do you see yourself in 3 years?
Doing the same thing I am doing now!

What distinguishes you from other landscaping companies - In general? In Victoria?
We have integrity, we will not push our work, we are not overly aggresive salespeople, we are proud to have our names advertised on our trucks and equipment. All in all, we do quality work.

Do you have a specialty that you're 'known for' or would like to be known for?
Not only do we specialize in large tree planting and transplanting but we are also known for our fine patio, driveway installations, and we want to do more natural stone work after seeing inferior stone work being done.

Landscape Inquiries

Why would the average person need to hire a landscape contractor?
For many reasons:
-to ensure that the job is done according to standards that will ensure the projects longevity - be it planting or a patio. -because some landscape projects require a massive amount of labour and machinery, which most homeowner's would not or could not do. -our expertise in all facets of landscape design and construction make sure the job is done properly, the first time. This always saves money and insures a safe, worry-free landscape. -if you had to know what we know, you'd have to go to school, read a lot of books and trade publications, and work many hard years acquiring the skills necessary to facilitate installing a landscape properly and efficiently.

I've heard that 'good' landscaping can add significant value to my property? What's that all about?
If you think about it, your property has value in a couple ways. First, there is it's financial value - the money you paid when you bought your house, and will earn from it when you sell it.
Secondly, and maybe more important, is the value of the utility of your property -that is, how useful and functional is your property TO YOU! The land your house is on represents a significant portion of your overall property value and investment, as well as the majority of the square foot space you have available to you for your use. So it's wise to use it efficiently and effectively.
Proper landscape planning and installation can ensure that you do get the MOST out of your outdoor living space, from the time you move in, until the time you ccheck out. This can mean a new landscape or landscape renovation to reflect youand your family's needs as well as further landscape projects to keep up wityhthe changing needs of the family as time passes. Remember, your property is only worth what YOU put into it, so it pays in more ways than one to keep it up.

Paving Stones - A Specialty of Ours

Are paving stones suitable for any 'paving' type job?
Absolutely! Properly installed paving stones can be used in any application that you see other products (such as concrete, asphalt, and gravel) being used for. In fact, paving stones have several benefits over these other surfacing products: -they are very durable, and can be 'lifted' and replaced, should the need arise (tree roots, subgrade settles). With other products, you have to remove and start again, a signifant cost!
-they come in a variety of colours, making it easier to match existing colour around the house and yard easier than ever before.
-they are cost-effective in the long-term, and cost-competitive on small to medium size jobs (300-1000 square feet).

Are paving stones slippery when wet?
No more so than most other walkable surfaces. And we also recommend NOT sealing wpaving stones with anything, as this will only increase the slipperiness of them. Paving stones, as they are made, are very nice to look at, durable, and easy to walk on.

Will I get weeds or moss on my paving stone patio?
Actually, that depends more upon the conditions inherent in the landscape, than in the type of surface you have or want. Weeds will grow where they have opportunity. With properly installed paving stones (excavate 8"-10", add 6" road base, 1" bedding sand, sand joints, compacted), this is no more of a problem that with other surfaces which crack and allow weeds a place to take root. In general, the sand is too sterile, the subsurface too compact and the joints too small for weeds to grow. If they do, they can be easily pulled at this point.
Regarding moss, any location which is conducive to the growth of moss cannot be prevented through selection of paving material. In other words, if moss is going to grow, it will grow. If you have moss problems, the simplest solution is to power wash it off as often as it becomes a problem, as it certainly can be a 'slip' hazard.

What Our Customers Say

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